- Mione History


Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Dubai, Mione is the first manufacturer to set up mobile phone repair centers in the GCC countries including Iraq, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia. In 2023, Mione set up an assembly plant in Mbale, Uganda and officially entered the African market. So far, Mione has sold 500,000 mobile phones in Uganda and received positive user feedback.  


- Mione Mission


Mione's mission is to provide users with high-quality, cost-effective products and services with an excellent user experience. Mione supports Uganda's "Buy Uganda, Build Uganda" policy. By setting up factories in Uganda, Mione not only creates jobs, but also provides products with higher cost performance through local assembly and production.


- Mione's Layout in Uganda


Early 2023, Mione set up an assembly plant in the Sino-Uganda Industrial Park in Mbale. It has sold 500,000 mobile phones so far. The company plans to cooperate with MTN to provide quality smartphones for at least 1 million Ugandan users in the future.


- Mione Declaration


Mione uses technology and products to connect people and the world.

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