Simba Telecom Partners with MiOne to Unveil New Products in Uganda


Andy Chow, the MiOne General Manager speaks at the unveiling event. Looking on is the Simba Group proprietor Patrick Bitature

Simba Telecom has partnered with MiOne to unveil its new products including smartwatch phones, tablets, and accessories among others.

Speaking during the launch at Simba Telecom headquarters on Kampala Road recently, Andy Chow, the MiOne General Manager said the variety of new MiOne phones & Black Arch TV products are meant to provide high-quality gadgets that are affordable and add to the diversity that Simba Telecom has to offer at the shops.

Chow further added that they are putting the best quality products at affordable prices in the different markets in Rwanda, Sudan, and DRC Congo.

Patrick Bitature, Chairman of Simba Group said these are one of the many affordable products manufactured in Uganda.

Bitature said: “They are manufactured from the factory in Mbale and we are very happy to partner with our brothers from China who under MiOne have made huge investments in Uganda. The time has come when manufacturers will come to Uganda and make more phone accessories from Uganda.”

Bitature added, “Training Ugandans here and selling these phones in Uganda is a big important part and I am glad to be part of this process. We have so many young Ugandans who are trainable and quick to learn on the job.”

He appealed to the government to encourage development investments so as to raise skillful Ugandans.

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